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SmartFHA Scholarship Program

Each academic year Smartfha is offering 2 scholarships worth $250 each.


  • Write an essay describing your experience with credit and your knowledge and of how credit scores work in your everyday lives.
  • Applicant will submit their essay to Smartfha by way of email to
  • Include your starting and ending credit score.
  • Scholarships will be awarded for the following semester.
  • Include student name, phone number, email, name of college/university

How will smartfha choice the scholarship winner?

Smartfha management team will select the potential recipient based on the quality and the content of the essay. All applicants will be notified of the selection via email.

By submitting and essay for smartfha scholarship, you concede that smartfha and its affiliates may contact you in relation to the scholarship.

The winners of the smartfha scholarship will be notified via email.

Scholarships will be paid to the college/university attended by the scholarship winner. Scholarship award recipient will submit proof of enrollment at the institution for smartfha to remit the award. All content submitted will become property of smartfha and will not be returned.