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Mortgage Readiness

SmartFHA's Mortgage Readiness Program:

After years in the mortgage industry working with countless customers, it was evident that there were some clear issues with obtaining a mortgage. Therefore, the SmartFHA team developed a unique approach to educating and helping consumers move into new homes. The mortgage readiness program focuses on two main points:

  • Helping people with bad credit to get approved for a loan
  • Explaining and educating people about the mortgage process
  • Understanding rates and how to pick the best lender
  • Local first time homebuyer & down payment assistance programs

Have you been told that your credit is too low or need a huge down payment? Have you been told that you aren't able to get a home because of your credit score, lack of down payment, or financial situation? Well, we can help! Our program is custom built for people just like you who need a little help to get into their home.

Our program is designed to get you "mortgage ready" and on average, it takes 4-6 months to get you ready. During this process, you will be focusing on fixing your financial situation (Credit Score, DTI, Underwriting Issues) and at the same time, learning about the intricacies of the mortgage process, down payment assistance programs, budgeting, preparation and much more!

We also pair you with a Loan Officer when you start the process who will be with you every step of the way... For us, it's about relationships, knowledge, and trust.

To get started give us a call and we will help you obtain your goal of owning a house!

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